14 Апр 2014, Автор: Захара

Hi, friends! We visited the tango marathon for the first time. I would like to share the impressions of the trip, as usual.
RigaLatvia is already Europe. The country has entered the European Union. We were a little afraid of this trip. What is their attitude towards Russians? Will we be able to speak our beginner English in shops, cafes and other places? What will we feel on the marathon?
We were pleasantly surprised. The service personnel answered in Russian at once, having hardly caught ours «Zdravstvuite! «. We used a computer tablet and we found beautiful and interesting places in the city without effort. And the organization of the tango marathon surpassed all our expectations.
Our perception, of course, was prepared by the trips to Ukraine. Old Riga reminds of old Lviv with its pavements, houses, the whole atmosphere. However, there are some differences. For example, inhabitants of Riga will never cross the street on red light ignoring approaching transport. Everybody very orderly wait for the green light.
It was good that we arrived a bit earlier and used the couple of days to just wander around the city. During the marathon there was very little time for walks.
Now about the marathon. It was unusual that many people came by the beginning of milonga. As a rule, the dancing fills slowly at a festival. And here the hall was full an hour after the beginning of milonga. Many people come to the marathon to dance themselves to exhaustion, and they dance off their legs.
Organizers did their best and the participants of the marathon were as little distracted from dancing as possible. They thought over all organizational moments: from a box with necessary trifles (a deodorant, a plaster, hairspray, a cud, etc.) to hot meals during milongas. There was no lack of tea, coffee, water, wine, sandwiches and what not. You could leave the dancing place at any time to take some rest and there was always something to eat.
A perfect hall, limited number of participants, gender balance, safety at dancing, excellent music, constant care of organizers for convenience and comfort of the tangeros – one can only dream about this!
A small minus – a floor was covered with some mastic: they say, it is done so for ball room dancers. Unfortunately, this mastic gathered on the soles, and shoes started sticking to the floor. The problem was solved though by means of special brushes for footwear which were available near the locker rooms. And by the end of the marathon you could swim across the floor.
In a word, the pleasure from visiting the event under the name of «Riga-Tango-Marathon» was simply huge. There were many new acquaintances and pleasant partners in dance. We discovered a new format of tango events which we found very pleasant. So we are planning to get to this remarkable city again in the autumn.

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  1. Ух ты, Лёля, на аглицком — это круто! Я пока так еще не могу

  2. А все-таки без «акробатических этюдов» танго выглядит элегантней! И душевней…

  3. Анна:

    Здорово! Молодцы! А на первом плане в видео — как раз наш Питерский гость Кирилл. Кстати, очень он нам понравился как преподаватель, диджей и прекрасный партнёр!

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